Set Your Goals Straight This Summer

Looking to get in shape for the summer holidays? In this blog we share some tips to make your fitness and weight loss goals a reality!

As we head into some warmer weather and emerge from months in hibernation here in Ireland, we might have a little getaway planned, a wedding in the diary or generally want to shed some of that winter weight but ultimately feel the best we possibly can.

As we all know quick fixes don’t work and are not sustainable. It’s all about setting out a realistic and achievable plan of attack to help you realise your weight loss and fitness goals.

Here are a few small things to help get you on the right track. 

Set SMART goals:

These are goals that are Specific, Measurable, Accurate Realistic and Time bound. It all sounds like a bit of a mouthful but its really easy so instead of making broad brush plans to get in shape you really hold yourself accountable and put some specifics around how you are going to achieve this. So instead of just saying Im going to get in shape for summer you would perhaps state the following:  

SMART Goal: I want to loose 5lbs by July 31st and I am going to do this by exercising 3 times at the week at the gym on a Monday, Wednesdays and Saturday.

Find a partner in crime

It’s a proven fact that if you have someone else to hold you accountable or to just join drag you out the door when you motivation hits a low you are more likely to do it. So find a local running group, a friend that can tag along with you to the gym. Or share your plan with family and friends – they will keep you honest and hold you more accountable to help you achieve your success.

Write it down!

As you head into the week ahead plan out what days you are planning on working out, so you have a clear plan of action in place. Then as you get through each week, write down what you planned to do, what you completed and how you felt. At the end of the month you will look back and most likely surprise yourself at how much you have achieved.

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Aim for Consistency over Perfection

Aim for consistency vs. perfection

How many times have you said to yourself you are getting on a new fitness plan or healthy eating stint and have had a night out or had a few too many KitKat with that cup of tea and fall off the bandwagon and just thrown the towel in. Its important to have a realistic approach to fitness and we all have to enjoy ourselves and indulge in that treat every now and again but its important to not beat ourselves up and feel guilty but rather get back onto your plan and keep pushing through towards your goal. Take each day at a time and reset and move on if you have deviated from your plan of action.  Like with any goal you set if you are consistent you will achieve it quicker than if you were not

Set yourself up for success

Set yourself up for success

Often we fall off our healthy plans when we are not prepared. Like setting your fitness goals for the week, lining up and organising your meals and healthy snacks will stop you reaching for that sugary snack at 3:30pm when you need that pick me up to get you through the rest of the day. Similarly stocking the cupboard with healthy food and getting rid of any temptations will really help. Also try to get your family, partner or roommates on board so that they are not eating fish and chips while you dip into your healthy salad.

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